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Coffee (Green & Soluble)

Cultivated in over 70 countries spanning the globe, coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Once harvested, coffee berries are processed at origin giving way to small, greenish tinted beans which are then bagged and prepared for shipment to consuming countries. At Dupuy, it is these green beans on which we focus our time, care, and service.


For many, tea and coffee go hand in hand. As the most popular manufactured drink consumed in the world, tea has always played an integral role in Dupuy’s business. We can offer tea services such as storage and blending and even assist our customers with grading, cupping, and quality control.


In addition to agricultural and food products, Dupuy also specializes in handling various other commodities. With approval from the London Metal Exchange, Dupuy is certified to handle metals such as copper, aluminum, and zinc. As with all cargo, these products require detailed record keeping and inventory accuracy.

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General Cargo

Our Company has advanced our capabilities over the years and developed solutions to handle any commodity. This allows our customers vast logistical solutions for their business to streamline their supply chain. Providing certain equipment gives our customers the tools they need to move product seamlessly, insuring the products integrity and quality. There is almost no product or commodity we can’t handle!